Pottermore Sorting: Sorting Hat Analysis and Meta


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Anonymous asked: What do you think about the new info we got from the Rita Skeeter article on Pottermore?

I thought it was enjoyable, but I don’t really think that it was worth the huge deal that was made of it. (Seriously, CNN.com had a headline on the home page talking about J.K. Rowling creating new Potter material, I saw it called a “short story,” Daniel Radcliffe got asked about whether or not he would do a feature film again…really, major news media? Stuff like that makes me wonder if they’re just that desperate for news headlines, or if nobody in the press actually bothered reading the material to see if there was something sufficient to make a film from - which there’s very obviously not.) 

To me, the major notable thing there was that Luna’s children are relatively near the ages of Rose/Hugo/etc (as are Fred and Roxanne - again, probably a bit younger but still old enough to be attending the World Cup. We don’t get a sense of exactly how old Lorcan, Lysander, etc. are, although I feel like they’re definitely a couple years younger - old enough to be expected to go into public, young enough that they haven’t been frequently seen there); there’s also the Hermione keeping her maiden name (at least professionally; I could definitely see her doing that); and the confirmation that Ron’s work at the joke shop is after his stint as an Auror (which itself could be fic fodder, more in terms of Ron needing to find his own place rather than simply following Harry/more on the general part of Ron’s arc that involves stepping out from the shadows of family members.) For fic writing, it does confirm some things wrt timeline, gives us Percy’s exact Ministry position, and mentions that Hannah Abbott is likely going to be in Madam Pomfrey’s place by the time that Harry’s children are at Hogwarts (although it changes reading the Epilogue a bit - it felt like James was surprised by Teddy/Victoire in the Epilogue, where this establishes their relationship as ongoing for several years - remember that the Battle of Hogwarts is 1998 and that we’re still therefore a few years away from 19 Years Later.) 

Also, we get confirmation of Rose as a redhead and Hugo as having bushy hair (if it’s bushy and brown, then Weasleys are no longer identifiable largely as redheads - Victoire’s confirmed as blonde, so that Rose is actually the only Weasley in that generation we know of as being redheaded.)

Finally, the description of Luna’s wedding dress is utterly fantastic.

…and this discussion of the article is probably longer than the actual article. Oh well. 

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